Will You Get A Restful Sleep If You Use A CPAP Machine?

September 12, 2017 no comments Posted in CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that can bring a lot of troubles to the person suffering from it. When occur during sleep, this disorder can not only affect the patient’s bodily mechanism in a negative way but also can become a threat to their life.

To solve this problem there are special devices called continuous positive airway pressure machines or just CPAP Machine. As the name says the main function of these machines is to provide continuous flow of air into the patient’s lungs. According to the oral appliance theory the tongue blocks the air from coming into lungs, which causes interruptions in normal breathing, and in turn leads to sleep apnea. These machines are nothing but portable air generators that bring oxygen to the patient’s lungs; this is done at low pressure via a full face mask or just nasal tubing.

The machine helps the person suffering from the disorder to have a peaceful night, and to be able to recover after the hard-working day. Otherwise the patient with sleep apnea would not be able to recuperate during the night. There are different types of sleep apnea breathing devices, but unfortunately not all of them will be effective for everybody; one has to go for trial and error until they find the one that works best.

Oral devices for sleep apnea are most common; one example here is the mandibular advancement splint (MAS) – it holds the lower jaw forward and slightly down to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway. Another kind of this device is the mandibular advancement device (MAD) that forces the lower jaw to go backward, which in turn encourages the patient to sleep on back, and makes plenty of space for incoming air. This device looks similar to mouth guards that sportsmen wear for protection.

Besides CPAP Machine there are APAP sleep apnea machines that are able to automatically adjust the air pressure to keep patients’ airways open as they sleep. These machines are considered to be more advanced, and more expensive than CPAP, but they can be more effective as well, especially in severe apnea cases.

Although these devices can help you fight snoring, and recover faster, yet sleep apnea breathing devices have some side effects like headaches, eyes’ dryness, soreness, dry mouth, dry nose, stomach wind, etc. Still, for some people these side effects are less threat, then the risk of get suffocated during the sleep time.

Remember that CPAP and BIPAP machines are not a substitute for breathing independently. They are not ventilators. What the machines do is make sure that you take the proper number of breaths every minute according to what your doctor determines is right for you. After careful diagnosis of your type of sleep apnea, he may recommend a sleep apnea machine that is just right for you.

Is sleep apnea or snoring ruining your life or your relationship? Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that affects millions of people. You don’t have to feel guilty any longer but you do need to take action. Many successful treatment options for sleep apnea cures are available but you need to do your research and take action.