The Use Of CPAP Supplies When Dealing With Sleep Problems

December 25, 2016 no comments Posted in CPAP Machine Reviews

There is a sleeping condition called ‘sleep apnea’, which is the cause of things such as tiredness, depression and other conditions. It is where a person unknowingly ceases to breathe at intervals during their sleeping period. This condition is quite dangerous and has been suspected of causing in some cases, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Many people treat this condition using CPAP supplies.

With obstructive sleep apnea, a person can stop breathing over a hundred times a night, sometimes lasting over a minute. People who are sleepy during the day often have this problem and do not know it. This interrupted sleep pattern can last for years and not be realized until pointed out by someone who observes it.

A number of factors can cause this dilemma. For example, obstruction of the airway is common and is called obstructive sleep apnea. A brain abnormality, in the area that controls breathing, is called mixed sleep and/or central sleep apnea. It has also been found that this condition is common with people who have obesity or use certain kinds of drugs.

An additional danger for people with this problem is the tendency to fall asleep while driving or at work. Physical conditions, such as high blood pressure and memory loss can also be involved. Even heart problems have been attributed to this condition. Studies of known cases reveal that this occurred mainly in middle-aged women and men. However, studies are limited due to the unknown number of people with this condition.

Once this condition is recognized, many have found a solution with a specially designed machine. This finely turned instrument blows air into a mask on the user’s face. This mask can be full face or just over the nose. This machine is designed in such a way as to allow the air to keep the airway open, thus permitting regular and even breathing.

There have been a number of innovative additions on various models of this machine. It may have therapy tracking software, power options and humidification, which includes a small amount of water vapor, thus preventing dryness. All adjust to a specified pressure, but some are designed on a breath-by-breath basis. This kind of machine adjusts for frequent changes in a sleeping position, gain or loss of weight, or an evening nightcap.

By going on the Internet it will be possible to see the many different types of these devices that are available. Each picture will give a full list of the regular features included in the various models as well as any special additions, and the price. It will be possible to find the exact model that will fit the requirements of the person with this condition.

Whether at home or traveling, it is important to keep CPAP supplies on hand at all times. It is crucial that they are used every night. In addition to the machine, there are filters, tubing, and a mask (half or full face), together with a manual giving full instructions. Many also have a carrying case. After only a few nights the user will find themselves waking up refreshed and able to take on the world.